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Realtor Marketing Tip - April 20th 2020

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Realtor Marketing tip of the day - April 20th 2020. This is literally a social media formula that works! You can't always be selling your services as a realtor, while it may be painful and take awhile at first, 80% of your content needs to provide value to your followers!!!

How does a realtor provide value to followers, i.e potential clients? Here are some ideas below to try out:⁠ ⁠

1. Tell people how they can increase the value of their home⁠. From quick and affordable fixes like painting and some landscaping to more expensive upgrades like Kitchens and Roofs. If you're connected with someone that provides these services, why not give them a quick plug-in. # supportlocal

Realtor Marketing Tip

2. Talk about community trends in your local area, do a neighbourhood of the week and what a recent home just sold for there! Humans are curious creatures and would love to know what their next door neighbour's house just sold for ;) Make sure you're tagging your location and using local hashtags!⁠

3. Discuss local upcoming events or news, for example: The 407 extension to the 35/115!⁠ ⁠

4. Host an online Q&A with a social media post #askmeanything, you can even advertise what day & time you will be doing this with prior posts!

5. Bust some myths, write a post or a series of posts about common myths buyers/sellers believe to be true! #fakenews

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