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10 Real Estate Marketing Videos you need to make in 2020

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Videos have become the main tool realtors in Toronto use to promote their listings and attract new clients, and that decision has proven to be a very smart one. In fact, real estate listings that use videos receive 403% more inquiries compared to ones without videos.

However, for videos to actually be effective, they need to be well thought out and produced correctly. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of that – just reach out to us and we’ll make sure that our team of experienced videographers make the most out of every opportunity.

To help you get started, here are a few real estate marketing video ideas:

#1. Client Interviews & Testimonials

Buyers and sellers can help your business long after you’ve closed the deal. Reach out to them and try to get an interview where they talk about what they based their buying decisions on, how you were able to help them, and all the positive experience in the process.

Blue Phoenix Studios in Whitby for Film and Photography

Our film studio is a great location in Whitby, Ontario to shoot your testimonials and interviews in.

You can even make a mini-series of buying and selling tips and publish each video weekly to get consistent engagement.

#2. School Ratings Review

Real Estate Marketing Videos

According to, 91% of home purchases are based on school ratings.

Creating a video with reviews of various schools in your district can provide real value to your potential clients and possibly make them choose a place they weren’t even considering, all thanks to a simple video.

Bonus tip: Try to interview some of the teachers or principals to add even more value to the video.

#3. Q&A Live Stream

Live streaming is one of the newest trends among real estate agents in the Durham Region + Greater Toronto Area, and with live-streaming apps being so easy to use, it can be a great addition to your marketing plan.

Real Estate Live video answering followers questions

You can use these videos to answer some of the most common questions potential buyers might have and give some house-buying advice. That way, you can create personal connections with both buyers and sellers that you can leverage later.

#4. Repurpose Blog Posts

Have a popular blog post that caught the eye of many potential customers? Why not turn it into a short video?

Visual content is much more appealing and can reach a bigger audience, especially when you know that the topic is already popular.

Let’s say that the blog post was about the latest kitchen design trends in Vaughan. You can show and describe those designs in some of your listings. By doing this, you can benefit in two ways – you get high engagement on social media and generate interest in the showcased listing.

#5. Highlight Local Businesses

Even though this is essentially the opposite of self-promotion, by highlighting the local businesses that provide real value to the community, you show potential buyers that your listing is worth moving into.

Showcasing small business owners in your region to show your are a realtor who is an expert in their community

In addition, showing love to local brands will improve your reputation in the community, which is extremely beneficial in the long run. From cafes in Downtown Whitby & Delis in Oshawa to Clothing Boutiques in Bowmanville and the Best Hair Salons in Courtice!

#6. About Me Videos

The most important thing you need to remember is that people buy from people. By creating a video displaying the team behind your real estate agency and your core values, both buyers and sellers can see that you are actually there to help them.

Real Estate Agent About Me Video to market realtor

Use these types of videos to explain who you are, what you do, and showcase any certifications you have. Just try not to come out too strong on self-promotion. Instead, talk more about what your mission is and how exactly you can help people achieve their dreams.

#7. Community Videos about the Neighbourhood

Almost every potential buyer takes into consideration the neighbourhood and community in which the house is located.

Take the time to include all the valuable places and activities that can persuade potential buyers into exploring the neighbourhood. Some examples for the Durham Region include:

Town of Whitby sign

  • Whitby, Ontario: iFly Indoor Skydiving, The Whitby Centrum, Landmark Theatre, the new Whitby Playdium, Flying Squirrel Whitby, Reptilia, Dockside Whitby, the Station Gallery, and the Abilities Centre.

  • Oshawa, Ontario: The newly renovated Oshawa Centre, Durham College, Trent Durham, and Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT). The Tribute Centre (formerly General Motors Centre), Cineplex Odeon Theatres, Intrepid Park - Site of CampX, The Regent Theatre, and the Oshawa Lake Front.

  • Courtice/Bowmanville: The Courtice Flea Market, Darlington Provincial Park, Cedar Park Resort, and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

  • Ajax/Pickering: Ajax Waterfront, Ajax Casino, Deer Creek Golf Course, Pickering Town Centre, Cineplex VIP, Durham Live Entertainment Complex, Pickering Village, Petticoat Creek Swimming and conservation park.

#8. Explanatory Videos

This is one of the easiest videos you can make – all you need is a whiteboard, a marker, and a camera.

Explanatory Videos

Use the whiteboard to explain housing-related topics, such as mortgage interest rates, the perfect time to buy or sell a house, things to look for in a house, etc.

#9. Listicle Videos

Listicle videos are popular for the same reason written listicles are – they are easy to follow and let customers know what to expect from the beginning.

To truly engage your clients and provide value at the same time, you can use videos such as “X ways you can improve your credit score”, or “X ways to tell that you need a bigger house”.

#10. Instagram stories

Even though Instagram Stories are not always videos, they are one of the hottest real estate marketing trends of 2019. It’s one of the most effective ways of building trust with your followers and increase your engagement and referral rates. You can even share your IGTV's in your story!

Need help with your videos? Our Video & Marketing team has got you covered! Send us an e-mail to learn more at or browse for details!